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    Quickly secure your tube to your strap or jersey, allowing you to more easily access your hydration.
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    A super stripped down versatile race vest with the capacity to hold all your essentials. The Momentum race pack comes with hydration pockets in the back, mesh storage pocket for your race apparel or rain gear, and plenty of easy access pockets in the front for cell phones, nutrition, F250 flask, and any of the other items you need to grab quickly on the go.
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    If you’ve ever had a shot of warm water on a blistering hot day, you know why we created HydraFusion. Durable and lightweight with built-in foam insulation, this simple, but breakthrough tube helps keep your water cooler in even the hottest temps. The kit includes a 36” TPU tube, Blaster Valve with dust cover, and our Plug-N-Play connector.
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    Nitecore NL1835HP Battery The Nitecore NL1835HP is a high performance 3500mAh rechargeable button-top battery designed for use in high drain devices including the EC23, Concept 1 and TM28. This battery has advanced safety features like a microporous barrier protecting internal components and nickel plated stainless steel protectors offering external...
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    THE GPS WATCH FOR ATHLETIC AND ADVENTURE MULTISPORT  Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro is a multisport GPS watch for active outdoor athletes. Compass & barometric altitude with FusedAltiTM ensure you stay on course. The durable color touch screen, 100m water resistance and practical wrist HR measurement make Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro your ideal...
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    The F1 Flex is Nitecore's first outdoor battery charger. Lightweight and durable, this charger is a fantastic way to always have power at your fingertips - no matter how far you travel. Ideal for backpacking, this is the perfect charger for the rugged nature-lovers out there.  
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    F2 Flex Dual-Slot Power Bank Battery Charger   The F2 Flexible Power Bank is Nitecore's new, dual-slot, outdoor power bank battery charger. This double duty charger can power 18650, RCR123, 26650, 14500, and other IMR/lithium ion batteries using the included micro-USB to USB 3.0 cable or use it with batteries as a power bank to charge cellphones,...
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    HIKING |EVERYDAY | TRAVEL The Daylite Series started out with humble beginnings, a simple accessory to attach to our larger packs. However, its lightweight, simplicity, durability, comfortable carry and price has proven to be wildly popular, and today their popularity is undeniable. While the Daylite and Daylite Plus continue to serve well as add-on packs...
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    The NITECORE HC33 is a versatile high performance L-shaped headlamp. Utilizing a CREE XHP35 HD LED, the HC33 produces a scorching 1800 lumens output capable of reaching up to 204 yards away! 
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