LEXUMA - Lexuma X2O DIY 100mL  - 1
LEXUMA - Lexuma X2O DIY 100mL  - 1

LEXUMA - Lexuma X2O DIY 100mL

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X2O Water Repellent Spray  - Enjoy Your Mobile Devices in the Rain    
LEXUMA - Lexuma X2O DIY 100mL
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Have you found the perfect transparent raincoat for your electronic devices or machinery? Here, we introduce you the X2O Water Repellent Spray. It is designed to solve the universal short- circuiting and corrosion problems of electrical and electronic devices. Your phones, laptops and industrial machines will be fully protected once you sprayed the waterproof coating. This waterproof spray can be mainly applied on Mobile Devices and Industrial Equipment. Now, you can protect your electrical devices by applying the X2O water repellent spray so that they will no longer be affected by sudden splash of water or the rain.


General Protection (IPX4)

What is IPX4?

Your device will be protected against Splashing or sprayed water from any angle for some minutes.


How to have IPX4 water protection?

1. Take out your Sim card. Cover camera lens and screen.

            Lexuma 辣數碼防水噴霧 X2O Water Repellent coating Spray with IPX4 and IPX7 water protection



2. Spray lightly for 1 second from a distance of 10 cm. All electronical parts,  

including Sim card port, Sim card, earpiece, charging port, speaker area and any other openings. 


              Lexuma 辣數碼防水鍍膜噴霧 X2O Water Repellent Spray with IPX4 and IPX7 water protection

Please refer to the reference table and the videos for detail application.


3. Wait for 15 minutes. Clean the excess spray liquid. Phone is ready for use.


LEXUMA - Lexuma X2O DIY 100mL

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