Pure Electrolyte Replacement Capsules (80caps) Pure Sports Nutrition - 2
Pure Electrolyte Replacement Capsules (80caps) Pure Sports Nutrition - 2

Pure Electrolyte Replacement Capsules (80caps)

Only 33c per serving ! PURE Electrolyte Replacement Capsules are formulated to maintain your body’s electrolyte levels and to help replace lost minerals during hard exercise and in hot conditions, without additional carbohydrates.
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Replacement of electrolytes can assist with performance, recovery and the support of normal muscle function. Recommended for endurance athletes or those requiring additional electrolytes during hot conditions.

PURE Electrolyte Capsules contain the essential electrolytes Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium with added Vitamin D and Vitamin B6 for enhanced electrolyte absorption.

PURE Electrolyte Replacement Capsules
- Replace lost electrolytes
- Reduce heat stress
- Support normal muscle function

Each bottle of PURE Electrolyte Replacement Capsules contains 150 size ’00’ gel capsules.

Suggested use
Take one (1) capsule with water or PURE Electrolyte Hydration drink every 30 – 60 minutes during hard physical activity. We recommend our PURE Electrolyte Caps Dispenser for storage & easy access to capsules while exercising.
Take up to 10 capsules daily.
For endurance sports we recommend 2 capsules per hour of exercise, taken with 500ml – 750ml of PURE Electrolyte hydration drink, for a balanced electrolyte intake and increased endurance capabilities.

CAUTION: PURE Electrolyte Capsules will help maintain peak performance in hot weather conditions. It does not prevent hyponatremia, heat stroke and other dangerous conditions resulting from over exertion in extreme heat.

*If you are unsure of recommended dosage or use for your personal health circumstances (e.g. pregnancy or low sodium diet), consult your medical practitioner prior to use.

**Electrolyte Capsule Dispensers sold separately

Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Colour Free, Preservative Free

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