High Mount Midori Safety Salt Heat Supplement PTP 6 Saltstick - 1
High Mount Midori Safety Salt Heat Supplement PTP 6 Saltstick - 1

High Mount Midori Safety Salt Heat Supplement PTP 6

・水分と一緒にとることで、熱した身体にすばやく電解質を補給します。 ・熱職場、炎天下での作業等に適しています。 ・PTP包装なので、片手で簡単に摂取でき、衛生的です。 ・爽やかなレモン風味です。 ・6粒入
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● The best feature is "ingestion speed". If you chew and smoke a cup of water, you can quickly replenish the electrolyte.
● [Various nutrients in six different major electrolytes combined in high balance! A tablet type that instantly absorbs into the body! 】
● Speed ​​charge the electrolyte.
● The body is looking for electrolytes. The sweaty body is a dry body, an electrolyte deficient body.
● Supplying only moisture lowers the electrolyte concentration and attempts to keep moisture out to maintain the required electrolyte concentration in the body.
● Speedy supply of lost electrolyte is desired.
● Midori Safety Salt Supplement quickly returns the important electrolytes lost.
● Balance can be supplied by taking with moisture.
● 【At a time like this】 Supply electrolytes quickly lost during marathon, triathlon, tennis, basketball, soccer, badminton and other sports with high momentum.
● Combination of sodium chloride (salt) and potassium chloride, which are electrolytes per grain, and vitamins B1, B2, and B3 necessary for energy production from glucose (glucose) and citric acid, carbohydrates to increase water and electrolyte absorption, Vitamin C with antioxidant effect etc is compounded.
● Vitamin B 6, niacin (vitamin B 3), which is enhancing vitamin of "functional ingredients" and not included in other salt heat series, was also compounded.

Size ●: 100 (width) × 172 (height) × 15 (thickness) mm
● Contents: 30 g (1250 mg × 24 grains)
● Producing countries: Japan

[Method of ingestion and precautions on ingestion]
● Please ingest and chew. One tablet is recommended for about 100 ml of water or tea (about 1 glass of cup) at the timing of hydration.
● This product is not something that will cure the disease due to intake a lot or promote health more. Please observe the daily intake.
● Unlike foods for specified health use, this product is not subject to individual screening by the Commissioner of the Consumer Agency.
● Be careful not to clog the throat because the grains are large.
● For this product, the concentration of the electrolyte is high, those who are restricted intake of salt, people with kidney disease, those who are infants Please do not eat.
● Because this product is easy to absorb, please enjoy as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date after opening. Depending on the preservation state, colors may change, but there is no problem with quality.
● Urine may become yellow due to the influence of vitamin B2 contained in this product.

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