PIT IN energy gel

PIT IN energy gel
  • PIT IN energy gel

PIT IN energy gel

69 g of the bus pit in energy gel 
Inner capacity: 69 g


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●The pit in that there is speed per second tea - in the nourishment which I want to consume during exercise before exercise.
●Gel type of the plum flavor that I can supply with salt and energy - before exercise easily
Please drink as salt and energy - supply during exercise before exercise easily.
[call way of rising of]
You are the same or dissolve one bag of this article in water of 180mL, and please have it. ※Please regulate the quantity of the water for preference.
[article name, name]
Cooling drinks
[raw materials of the ザバスピットインエナジ - gel plum flavor]
Maruto dextrin, salt, citric acid, citric acid Na,V.C, citric acid K, niacin, sweetener (acesulfame K, スクラロ -), fragrance, safflower pigment, V.B1,V.B6
1,100 mg of citric acid, multi-dextrin 42.0 g
[nourishment ingredient]
(69 g per one bag) ...40 mg of ...0 g of energy - ... 170kcaL protein ...0 g lipid ...42.8 g of carbohydrate salt substantial amount ...0.6 g potassium ...23.5 mg vitamin B1 ...0.50 mg vitamin B6 ...0.05 mg niacin 5.5 mg vitamin C

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