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Claymore Fan V600 Plus

Claymore Fan V600 Plus rechargeable fan (2021 version)
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Claymore Fan V600 Plus rechargeable fan (2021 version)

The battery capacity of V600+ is 7,800mAh, which is larger than the 6,000mAh of V600, and it can last longer

The fan blades are also enlarged to 6.5", the wind is stronger

USB Type-C charging port

Korean exclusive patented design, designed for outdoor use, lightweight and powerful circulation fan

Newly designed fan blades and motors, the most powerful fan in the same volume

Built-in 7,800 mAh lithium battery, can be used for up to 32 hours

The ultra-light weight is only 600g, and the intimate handle design can be easily moved

Exclusive fan blade and motor, the strongest wind of the same size fan, good outdoor use effect

With 4 wind speed adjustment functions

Detachable grille for easy cleaning

Hanging design, can hang in the tent

Intimate extra-wide handle design and detachable and installable tripod

Built-in 1/4" tripod socket, can be locked on the tripod

The tripod is detachable, the storage volume is ultra-small and does not take up space, and the exclusive hanging ring can be used for hanging

The DC direct current design is more energy-efficient than the general AC fan, and the low-frequency volume is not disturbing

Maximum air volume up to 5.8m/s

Minimize the noise, the lowest is only 15dB, the use at night will not affect sleep

Set wind speed button and timer button

4 time timing settings

The fan body can adjust the wind direction up and down for stable blowing

Easy to carry and use, satisfying multiple purposes


//Product specifications

Power consumption: 12W

Rated voltage: 5V / 2A

Battery capacity: Li-ion 3.7V 7,800mAh

Charging time: 4.5 hours

Use time: 7 hours (maximum wind speed), 32 hours (minimum wind speed)

Weight: 600g

Dimensions: 243 x 226 x 350 mm


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