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RockBalls - Myofascial Release Balls


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Got painful hotspots or trigger points? RockBalls are a great way to perform self myofascial release with pinpoint accuracy. The mesh carrying bag includes a 3.5" spikey ball, a 2.5" smooth ball and an instruction book showing release locations for trigger points plus mobility exercises. The 2 different surfaces give you two different tools to break through tough tissues. Also included with every RockBalls kit is a Movement Manifesto booklet, featuring a multitude of corrective exercises and tissue release techniques.

  • Easy to use - just roll or press on trigger points, hot spots, tight or spasmed muscles to release spasms, tightness, scar tissue
  • Contains 2 PVC rubber myofascial release balls - one 3.5" textured (spiky) ball and one 2.5" smooth ball
  • Includes RockTape Movement Manifesto booklet with corrective exercises and tissue release techniques
  • Convenient and portable - keep one set at home and one in your gym bag

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