GurneyGoo (On the run, 10ml)  - 2
GurneyGoo (On the run, 10ml)  - 1
GurneyGoo (On the run, 10ml)  - 2
GurneyGoo (On the run, 10ml)  - 3

GurneyGoo (On the run, 10ml)

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You're going a long way - don't let your skin stop you going the distance. Stop skin problems before they start in training and races.
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GurneyGoo lets you go Further, Faster, Easier by
1. Reducing friction and stopping chafing (feet, hands, crotch, anywhere it rubs)
2. Waterproofing your feet preventing blisters & trenchfoot (really good for wet conditions & river crossings) and
3. Its natural antiseptic keeps you infection-free

Steve Gurney developed GurneyGoo to win races with his team, but not just any old races – Adventure racing. In extreme elements, and for up to 10 days of continuous racing.
•Searing hot deserts
•Freezing mountains
•Sticky swamps
•Long ocean paddles
•Bum-numbing bike, horse and camels rides
•Soggy, claustrophobic caves…

“Athletes are constantly searching for anything that will give them the edge.  GurneyGoo is the secret weapon that gave us the edge. Over 20 years of international racing we developed and refined GurneyGoo to its current winning formula.
Winning an Adventure Race is about overcoming the challenges, being resilient, adaptable and resourceful. There are obstacles like rough weather, getting lost, crashing off your bike, falling out of the kayak, running low on energy. But blisters and foot problems are probably some of the most race-threatening challenges. We needed a product that was going to prevent blisters, chafing and prune-foot. GurneyGoo was one of the key resources in our winning races.”

Steve and his team became world champions and GurneyGoo was a key part of that success. GurneyGoo helped them win in the worst extremes, and it can help you achieve your next adventure too.

Keeping your skin in good shape is absolutely key to any Ultra/Extreme/Endurance race and GurneyGoo is invaluable to racers looking for reliability and consistency.
Tips & Instructions – Prevention is better than cure

How & when to use GurneyGoo
Apply GurneyGoo early, before your race or training session, and during your race or training session on areas that you know are likely to chafe, and at the first feeling of any rubbing. For best effect, apply the night (or 12 hours) before the start, and then again just before starting, and then again during (as above).
Kayaking blister prevention
It’s great for preventing kayaking blisters on your hands, but only use it at least 2 hours before the kayak, and rub it in vigorously until your hands heat up. It’s too slippery if applied during the paddle leg.
Keeping your feet “dry”
If it’s a wet race or wet underfoot (eg lots of wet shoes), liberally coat your feet with GurneyGoo. It acts as a barrier to water, preventing horrific blisters. Carry a spare pair of dry socks.
Tube sizes – what to carry
Carry the small 10 ml tubes with you in the race and keep the larger tube in your re-supply box for transitions.  We’ve made the tubes easy to open with gloves on or with slippery hands, or in the dark too!

GurneyGoo works in 3 main modalities:
1.            Reduces friction and stops chafing (feet, hands, crotch, anywhere it rubs)
2.            Waterproofs your feet preventing blisters & trenchfoot (really good for wet conditions & river crossings)
3.            Its natural antiseptic keeps you infection-free

Petrolatum, Cyclomethicone (Silicone), Beeswax, Tea Tree Oil

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