PRO‧TEC Orb EXt 3 inch ball
PRO‧TEC Orb EXt 3 inch ball

PRO‧TEC Orb EXt 3 inch ball

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The Orb Extreme massage ball is intended to provide a deep tissue massage to the IT Band, Hamstring, Calf and more! This easy to use ball provides an all over massage due to its shape. Great for anyone suffering from sore or tight muscles. The Orb Extreme features firmer, thicker bumps than the standard orb. Also a great tool to use when stretching and can promote better flexibility!  
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Orb Extreme Features:


  • The Orb is a high density ball that provides a deep muscle massage
  • Great for calf, thigh, hamstring, quadriceps muscles and more
  • Great for stretching muscles and promoting flexibility
  • Firmer, more prominent bumps than the standard orb
  • Available in two sizes; 3" and 4.5"

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