Ajinomoto amino vital 1500

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Ajinomoto amino vital 1500
  • Ajinomoto amino vital 1500

Ajinomoto amino vital 1500

 By taking in burning amino acids and capsaicin before sports, jelly drink that supports sports that burn more efficiently. [Burning amino acid] + [Chilli extract] is a jelly drink that supports exercise for calorie consumption. For those who care about their body line, calories are off. Please cool and enjoy as it is. 


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 ・Energy: 29kcal per 180g of bag

・Type: jelly

・Name: soft drink (jelly drink)

・Features: Combustion amino acid and pepper extract. A jelly-drink that helps you burn calories with exercise. Calorie off that is good for dieting. A refreshing Muscat taste.

・Taste: Muscat taste

・Contents: 180g

・Notes: Drink as soon as possible after opening. (The texture of this product may change if it is frozen.)

・Country of origin: Final processing place: Japan

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