OVERSTIM S Fruity energy bar

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The strengths of this product : High content in progressive carbohydrates Rich in fruits and vitamin c Soft texture
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The OVERSTIM.s Fruity energy bar is a fruit concentrate which combines flavour and energy for an excellent energetic stability during physical exertion.

Marvellously soft and delicious, the OVERSTIM.s Fruity energy bar can be taken as a complement of the OVERSTIM.s sports drinks during training sessions or competitions.

The nutritional density of this bar (energy, vitamin C, sugars, cereals) and its light texture make it particularly suitable for all sports practice (running, cycling,...).


The OVERSTIM.s Fruity energy bar completes the action of OVERSTIM.s fluids and gels and is consumed during physical exertion in regular intervals and by little portions.

The OVERSTIM.s Fruity energy bar is also an agreeable energy source for moderate efforts.


Ingredients: Dried apricot cubes 19.8% (apricots, rice flour, preservative: sulphite), pieces of mango and passion fruit 17.8% (apple puree and concentrate, mango puree concentrate, passion fruit juice concentrate, gelling agent: pectin, citrus fibre, natural flavouring of mango and passion fruit), extruded soya(isolate of soya proteins, rice flour, extract of barley malt, salt), cubes of dried apple 12.3% (apple, sulphite), wheat syrup, wheat germ, bulking agent: polydextrose, sunflower oil, stabilisers: glycerol and sorbitol syrup, passion fruit juice powder 1.2% (maltodextrin, concentrated juice of passion fruit (dry extract 40%)), rice flour, natural flavouring, vitamin C, vitamin B1 (thiamin). Made in a factory that uses: milk, eggs, nuts, sesame seeds.

Apricot - peach
Ingredients: apricots 25% (glazing agent, rice flour, sulphites), glucose syrup (sulphites), reconstituted peach chips 12.5% (peach puree 35%, sugar, apple, pineapple fibre, thickeners: sodium alginate (seaweed extract) and dicalcium phosphate, flavouring, acidity regulator: citric acid, colorant: curcumin), soya extracts (isolate of soya proteins, rice flour,barley malt extract, salt), dried apple cubes 9.9% (sulphites), bulking agent: polydextrose syrup, wheat germ, sunflower oil, stabilisers: sorbitol and glycerol, apple powder 2.9%, rice flour, natural flavouring, vitamins C and B1 (thiamine). Made in a factory which uses: milk, egg, nuts, sesame.

Citrus fruit
Ingredients: soft orange chips 25.7% (orange puree 34%, saccharose, apple, pineapple fibre, citric acid, sodium alginate, dicalcium phosphate, natural orange flavouring), glucose syrup (sulphites), apricots 12.5% (glazing agent: rice flour, sulphites), soya extracts (isolate of soya proteins, rice flour, extract of malt barley, salt), cubes of dried apple 9.6% (sulphites), bulking agent: polydextrose, wheat germ, stabilisers: vegetable glycerine and sorbitol syrup, sunflower oil, orange juice powder 3% (orange juice concentrate (dry extract 40%)), maltodextrin, acidity regulator:citric acid), rice flour, vitamins C and B1 (thiamine). Made in a factory which uses: milk, egg, nuts, sesame. 

Red berries
Ingredients: Mixed berry nuggets 23.8% (apple juice and purée, purée in varying proportions of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant 5%, wheat fibre, gelling agent: pectins, concentrated elderberry juice), apricots (coating agent: rice flour, sulphites), glucose syrup (sulphites), extruded soya (soya protein isolates, rice flour, barley malt extract, salt), dried apple cubes 9.6% (sulphites), bulking agent: polydextrose syrup, wheat germ, stabilizers: sorbitol and glycerol, sunflower oil, fruits of the forest powder 1.2% (maltodextrin, fruits (dry extracts 40%): raspberry, blackberry and bilberry, acidity regulator: citric acid), rice flour, flavouring, vitamins C and B1 (thiamin). Made in a factory which uses: milk, egg, nuts, sesame.


Nutritional analysisFor 100 g *Per 30 g bar *
* = according to flavour
** VNR = nutrient reference value
Energy kcal/kJ 342 kcal / 1445 kj à 356 kcal/1502 kJ 103 kcal / 433 kj à 113 kcal / 477 kJ
Fat 2,8 g à 5 g 0,8 g à 2 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0,4 g à 0.7 g 0,1 g à 0.22 g
Carbohydrates 62 g à 72,8 g 20 g à 21,8 g
of which sugars 35g à 38,5 g 11 g à 12.2 g
Proteins 4,6 g à 11 g 1,4 g à 4 g
Salt 0,09 g à 0.42 g 0,03 g à 0.13 g
Vitamin B1 (thiamin) 0.6mg(55%**) à 0,7 mg (64%**) 0.19mg (17 %**) à 0,2 mg (18%**)
Vitamin C 20mg (25%**) 6.4mg (8 %**)

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