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Energy Gel, the only one that contains Cluster Dextrin, a new innovative energy source from Glico, Japan. It is a molecular level development resulting in superior properties. Maltodextrin has benefits such as increasing energy for a long time at full efficiency up to 1.5 times and reducing the level of fatigue from continuous energy use. It also helps reduce levels of stress-causing substances while exercising.

In addition to Cluster Dextrin, it also contains 1250 mg of BCAA that helps stimulate protein production in muscles. and helps reduce muscle breakdown Combines the work of Potassium and Sodium, creating fluid balance at the cellular level. Replacing lost mineral salts

There are 2 new and unique flavors, Mixed Fruits and Tropical, formulated by a pharmacist and a team of experts. Easy to eat, not sticky in the throat. and has designed the envelope to fit snugly in the hand Importantly, it is also a world-saving envelope. When the envelope is torn, it will not fall apart, resulting in just one piece of trash. And it's also convenient to take out and eat while exercising.

Active Peak will be your trusted buddy until you peak beyond your limits!

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