AJINOMOTO amino VITAL 2500 (45g)

AJINOMOTO amino VITAL 2500 (45g)
  • AJINOMOTO amino VITAL 2500 (45g)

AJINOMOTO amino VITAL 2500 (45g)

Ajinomoto amino vita- lure Mino shot perfect energy (*4 45 g) jelly type amino acid 2,500 mg AMINO VITAL


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●At capacity of 1/3 of "aminovital R パ - フェクトエネルギ -R", 1/2 strong の energy - is combined with an amino acid (alanyl + proline) of 1/2 and is opening and small capacity energy - supply jelly - which it is easy to drink which I can take in with one hand.
●I can expect ideal energy - supply not to break off even in the latter half without affecting パフォ - Manns by the intake that is sum -.
[call way of rising of]
In スポ - ツ, please just drink 1st 1 three in an aim. ・It is drinkable still more deliciously when I cool it. (when this article lets you freeze, the ingredient does not change, but a texture may change.)
[article name, name]
Cooling drinks (jelly - drink)
[raw materials of アミノバイタルアミノショットパ - フェクトエネルギ -]
Starch syrup, sugar, agar / alanine, citric acid (Na), proline, acidulant, gelling agent (増粘多糖類), fragrance, coloring agent (V.B2)
[nourishment ingredient]
Energy - per one (45 g): 109kcaL, protein: 2.8 g, lipid: 0 g, carbohydrates: 24.4 g, salt substantial amount: 0.23 g of amino acids: 2.5 g (alanine: 2.25 g, proline: 0.25 g)
[allergy - material]
[preservation method]
I avoid direct rays of the sun, a high temperature and save it
Please drink after opening early.
Vital amino (AMINO VITAL)
[a sales agency, a manufacturer, an origin of import or sales agency]
Stock is only for it, and the Ajinomoto this article becomes the sale end. With リニュ - Al, I may change パッケ - the contents without a notice. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. Ajinomoto 104-8315 1-15-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ※The inquiry number refers to the product details [スポ - ツドリンク / brand: amino by Tal (AMINO VITAL)/]


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