Spring Sport Nutrition Energy Gel SPRING  - 2
Spring Sport Nutrition Energy Gel SPRING  - 2

Spring Energy Gel 250 kcal

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Nutrition Energy Gels
taste :
  • Speednut with Caffeine
  • Speednut with Hemp Oil
  • Koffee(vegan)
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Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, basmati rice, maple syrup, organic banana, coconut oil, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut butter, sunflower lechithin, cocoa, citric acid, caffeine, mint, cinnamon

For this challenge, Spring energy teamed up with Cody Reed, who is known for being able to dig really deep, able to submerge in pain for hours. His hard work, commitment, and determination are the key to his success. However, all prove not enough to succeed without on-point super nutrition. With 235 kcal and 50 mg of caffeine per serving, loaded with a unique composition of medium-chain fatty acids and carbs, Speednut is most suitable for those special occasions when you need to go out of your comfort zone to keep moving. 

The most challenging moment?

"At mile 55 of Western States I was coming into Michigan Flat Aid Station after having to run through two back-to-back canyons over the last 15 miles. It was the hottest and hardest part of the course and I remember wondering how I was going to do that again, how was I supposed to go another 50 miles if I felt the way I did now? The people at the aid station saw me coming in, dragging my feet up the trail and thought there was no way I was going to be able to finish. I needed more water and food. I started eating Nutella sandwiches and downing more Spring before I left the aid station. The next few miles to the following aid station were hard to run. They were slow and mentally challenging. These 15 miles of single track trails, hot canyons, and dirt roads was the most physically and mentally difficult part of any race I’ve run." - Cody Reed

Made with Real Food

Some endurance athletes achieve their extraordinary strength through the help of simple foods. We follow their steps providing products that are composed of only natural ingredients with minimal processing and no artificial components.

No GI Problems

Gastrointestinal (GI) problems are a common side effect when using traditional energy gels during athletic activity. Spring’s finely tuned acidity and osmotically active nutrients improve absorption and reduce gastrointestinal distress.

Extended Energy Release

Spring’s balanced composition of carbohydrates helps to succeed your effort without the negative effects of sugar and/or maltodextrin overload, which create harmful spikes and dips in the energy supply.

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