Milestone Cloud Hoody Milestone - 3
Milestone Cloud Hoody Milestone - 3
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Milestone Cloud Hoody

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When trail running or fastpacking in the winter, you want to reduce the number of times you put on and take off your jacket as much as possible, and still keep moving comfortably. “Active Insulation” is a garment that meets these needs. We would like you to experience the best fabrics and patterns that we have selected.

☆The pattern has been adjusted so that when the hood is worn, everything except the eyes is hidden and can be used like a balaclava. It has all the features necessary for winter running, such as thumbholes, watch windows, and double zippers.

☆The main material is Polartec Alpha® (active insulation that combines heat retention and breathability), which maintains a comfortable feeling of moderate warmth and prevents stuffiness, while grids are placed on areas where you don't want to get cold, such as the abdomen and wrists. By partially using fleece, the material is optimally mapped to different parts of the body.

☆When the wind is strong or you want to stay warm at the tent site, by layering a shell on top, you can create a layer of air between your body and the outer fabric, dramatically improving cold protection performance. It also goes very well with onion food.

*From Marvin Gaye's famous song Cloud Nine. Because the cumulonimbus cloud, named as the ninth cloud, extends to very high altitudes, it is used as an idiom to express an elated feeling as if you were riding on that cloud. We have created a wonderful hoodie that will make you feel that way when you wear it.

292'sale item

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